Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mail for Al

Al is really into collaging and things, so the last couple pieces of mail art I have sent him were somewhat my reflection of him in this form. 

First, Al LOVES Paula Dean! When we worked together he would bring up Paula Dean all the time, talking about her crazy recipes, and how extremely unhealthy they are for us. For example, she made a breakfast sandwich with bacon, egg, and hamburger meat between two doughnuts! {Let's talk about a heart attack waiting to happen!} Nonetheless, he found her very fascinating, and I think she is crazy! I based one of my pieces on his love for her, as well as including a snippet of Al- he likes to paint his nails.

Last time Al and I hung out he was wearing silver nail polish. I am going to be honest. His nails look much better painted than mine do. His fingernails are bigger, so there is more surface to cover, and also it seems to last longer on him. When I paint my nails, it starts chipping off an hour after I am finished {horribly} painting them. 
So, this was my humorous attempt to spotlight Al's love for Queen Paula Dean and painted nails. I made the collage on the outside of an envelope and covered the whole thing with vellum. 

Below is the second piece of mail I made for Al. I made it in response to his mail for me: an abstractly cordial invitation, asking me to go on a walk with him. Today I plan to make more.